Pipe Coatings

All company pipes may also be supplied with external coating of three-layer polyethylene (Trio coating) or extruded Polypropylene, with melted epoxy coating, or without any protective cover. The purpose of such lining is to provide external surfaces of steel pipes with prefabricated protection.


External Coatings

External coatings that are applied to steel pipes are designed to protect underground pipes against corrosion.

The type of wrapping applied must account for the following factors:

  • Corrosive rate of the ground.
  • The need to apply cathodic protection.
  • Environmental conditions and the mechanical load exerted on the pipe.
  • The proficiency of manpower involved in laying down of the line.
  • Cost of coating and application.


Available coating options are as follows:
Trio Coating – This is the most common type of coating on the market and is suitable for all soil types, especially corrosive soil, heavy soil and loam. Trio coatings are supplied in several thicknesses in accordance with standard requirements. A new improved coating version called “Trio 4” was recently introduced.

For Laying Down on Ground:

All pipes designated for laying on ground are painted on the external by spraying steel pellets with epoxy and polyester powders.

Please set the following variables:

Outside Dia
inch Mm
Allowable Working Pressure
GR-B X42
Wall thickness
inch Mm


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