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About Us

The Middle East Tube Company Ltd. (“Metco”) was originally established in 1951. Today, as Israel's largest producer of steel pipes, the company manufactures and markets pipes for water, sewage, oil and gas infrastructures, as well as structural pipes for construction. Most of the pipes are protected against corrosion by internal cement linings, various additives, and external coatings or wraps (primarily three-layer extruded polyethylene - “Trio” coating).

The company's Tzrifin plant is responsible for most production and insulation of 3” - 100” diameter pipes. Another company site in Acre is responsible for hot-dip galvanization of pipes and other steel products. Combined, approximately 250 workers are employed at these two sites.

Metco is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 1993.

The recent expansion in activities over the past 2 years has led the company into an era of growth and rejuvination. In this spirit, the Metco roadmap was devised:


The Acre Plant

The Acre galvanization plant is responsible for galvanization of steel pipes and a range of other products for the general market.


The Tzrifin Plant

This plant is responsible for the production and lining of pipes ranging from 6” to 100” in diameter, with all pipes being manufactured by Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) technology. The pipes then undergo additional lining processes for protection against internal and external corrosion.

In addition, Metco was chosen to supply pipes for numerous national projects dealing with drinking water, sea water, reclaimed water, sewage, fuels and chemicals, as well as projects for urban and domestic systems and other uses. Among the company's larger scale projects was the supply of 30,000 meters of 18” diameter X-52 steel gas pipes to Israel Natural Gas Lines Ltd.

At present, the company manufactures 80" diameter steel pipes but is expected to begin production of 100” pipes which are required for upgrading of the National Water Carrier and other water lines by Mekorot (National water company). Metco was the chosen supplier of pipes already laid down as part of the project and shall continue to do so for future lines.

In order to achieve such status, the Company was forced to undergo an extensive and complex certification process for the supply of overland transmission pipes and subsequent distribution pipes which are to follow.

The Tzrifin facility has been certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) to use its standard certification mark.

Starting in 1955, Metco began expanding its activities to the global market.

* Grade X-70 30" diameter pipes for the All American line: The pipes used were manufactured in accordance with the most stringent standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API).

In terms of high-stress endurance, the company invests considerable resources to ensure its pipes are fully compliant with all relevant quality and safety requirements and is certified under international standards.

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