Cement Mortar

Internal cement mortar lining is used for protection of 2” - 100” diameter pipes against internal corrosion.

There are four types of cement in use:

Portland Cement - Suitable for conveyance of drinking water.
Polymer cement - Suitable for conveyance of drinking water.
Sulfate resistant Cement  - Suitable for  seawater and water containing sulfates.
Alumina cement - Suitable for conveyance of sewage and treated waste water in delivery lines and pressure lines.

The standard thickness requirement for lining depends on the pipe diameter.

Cement mortar linings provide an excellent Hazen-Williams transmission coefficient of C=145. The lining is executed in full compliance with all requirements specified in American Standard AWWA C205 - “CEMENT - MORTAR PROTECTIVE LINING AND LINING FOR STEEL WATER PIPE - 4, IN AND LARGER - SHOP APPLIED” and in Israeli Standard SI 5207 - “STEEL TUBES AND FITTINGS FOR GENERAL USE WITH Internal LINING WITH CEMENT MORTAR”

Please set the following variables:

Outside Dia
inch Mm
Allowable Working Pressure
GR-B X42
Wall thickness
inch Mm


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