Middle East Tubes - Galvanizing (1994) Ltd. is a subsidiary under full control of the Middle East Tube Company Ltd. The company, which is located in the Acre South Industrial Zone, boasts 40 years of experience and specialization in execution of hot-dip zinc bath galvanization for protection of steel products against corrosion. The procedure also assists in obtainment of smoother and especially durable finish.

For this purpose, the company operates an advanced quality assurance system which ensures superior product quality and proper preparation of products for transportation back to the customer.

Furthermore, the company operates in strict observance of all applicable environmental standards.

The company supports its customers from the very first stages of planning and preparation of product for galvanization, throughout construction and preparation of samples for prototype testing, provides suggestions for improvement, and provides answers and solutions following completion of the galvanization procedure. It also advises customers on how to prepare steel structures and other parts for galvanization such that it would be possible to:

  • Dip them in hot zinc bath without causing any damage
  • Cover their entire body in zinc
  • Allow excess zinc to flow out

It is also possible to galvanize large and heavy products up to 8 tons in weight and 12 meters in length. Galvanization of longer products is possible by dipping object twice pending prior arrangement.

Galvanization Bath Dimensions (meters): Length 12.5m, width 1.5m, depth 2.5m

The Galvanization Process:

Identification of markings for preparation of drill holes for wires > Cleaning of oils / grease > acid treatment > rinsing in water > dipping in Flax > drying in air > dipping in hot zinc dip > passivation and cooling > final testing > storage and distribution


Product families galvanized by the company:

  • Pipes  & profiles
  • Fences
  • Wire meshes
  • Professional steel
  • Lampposts
  • Volume products
  • Light weight consoles
  • Medium-weight consoles – projects
  • Heavy consoles


Advantages of Galvanized Steel Products:

  • Rigidity – Produces a coating that provides excellent protection against impact during transportation and assembly
  • Reliability – Fundamentally, the coating is a chemical process that involves binding of iron with zinc. The reliability of treatment is high as it ensures proper coating of all little parts, corners and crevices which are otherwise difficult to access.
  • Clean Finish - The coating maintains a clean appearance which typically remains unchanged throughout the entire product life.
  • Time Savings in Application – Hot dip galvanization in zinc is much quicker than conventional painting of parts. Accordingly, it is quicker to galvanize structural components in-house rather than paint them at the site after construction.
  • Product Lifespan – Galvanization provides 30 years for open spaces and 15-25 in cities, coastline, and industrial zones.
  • Hot galvanization is the most suitable and advantageous process for protection of steel against corrosion caused by the aggression of environmental agents.
  • Although the corrosion of painted products is prevented by coating, if this coating is damaged by surface permeability the product itself becomes vulnerable to the effects of environmental corrosion, which requires very expensive maintenance intervention in order to prevent the progression of corrosion to the point where the product's mechanical properties are compromised.
  • Painting provides physical protection while hot-dip galvanization protects the steel by electro-chemical activity.
  • The zinc is the anode in the iron-zinc pairing such that if any coating defects are caused by impact during assembly, the damage does not constitute a critical obstacle as the zinc coating also protects the unprotected section.


Hot-dip galvanization serves as a safe protection for products and does not interfere with the application of additional coating layers when there are requirements for installation of further color-related architectural elements.

All hot-dip zinc galvanization works are carried out in accordance with Israeli Standard SI 918. The plant is certified to repair hot-dip galvanization under ISO 9001:2000.In addition, the company also provides galvanized pipes as per Israeli Standard SI 103 requirements.

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