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Outside Dia
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GR-B X42
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Welcome to The Middle East Tube Company, Israel's largest producer of steel pipes

The leading provider of water infrastructure solutions in Israel and abroad

The most advanced technology of its kind

Tens of thousands of kilometers of pipes since 1951

Innovative solutions for conducting water, sewage, oil and natural gas

Hot-dip zinc bath galvanization in accordance with Israeli Standard SI


The Middle East Tube Company Ltd.

The Middle East Tube Company Ltd. (“Metco”) was originally established in 1951. Today, as Israel's largest producer of steel pipes, the company manufactures and markets pipes for water, sewage, oil and gas infrastructures, as well as structural pipes for construction. Most of the pipes are protected against corrosion by internal cement linings, various additives, and external coatings or wraps (primarily three-layer extruded polyethylene - “Trio” coating). 

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